An Introduction

My name is Adnan Issadeen. I'm the founder of Spartakode. I'm an avid programmer, dreamer, husband, and I occasionally suffer from a mild case of verbal diarrhea. A software developer by profession, but not by title, I aspire to be what I can describe as a "Software Craftsman". Born in the year of the dragon (1988), I was never destined to be one those whiz kids that started programming at the age of 7. In fact, I started programming only during my degree in 2008. My first full fledged and full featured app didn't see the light of this world till 2012; in reality I was just trying to avoid doomsday coming before my first application. This website certainly was NOT coded during a weekend (the github repo tells no lies) and I did learn many things for the first time while building it. Who knew HTML layouts could be so darn difficult?

This, is just the beginning of what I hope will be a lifelong pursuit of perfection in this craft. And may this humble site be the chronicle of my tales.

Work Ethics

Work ethics is everything to me. Transparency is crucial to fostering an open relationship and I embed this principle into everything I do

Cutting corners is a strict no. It doesn't make life easier for me. At the end of day however, I can always look back at my work and be proud of it


Having strict work ethics is a result of following an uncompromising purpose. What I do, I do it for the love of it. If I can't love it, I won't do it.

To love what I do, I build software that makes people happy. I agonise about the user flow before I touch a keyboard. I complete every little bit of content before I'll even open illustrator (or a css file). I focus on making my work into something I love before I even start. This is my purpose, my ultimate goal – Software Craftsmanship