Links of the day - 12th June 2018

I found this video particularly fascinating for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the information presented in it. Secondly, because I'm always interested in learning of university/lab experiments that have a direct and visible impact of betterment of people's lives.

I came across this channel as a random recommendation from The Verge's science youtube channel. It's turning out to be a gift that keeps giving. This series in particular, is nothing short of stunning. There's no "host" talking. There's no poor dubbing. It's just a series of shots as we go through a number of Japanese chefs talking about their craft as they prepare the unexpected (Omakase) for their guests.

Individuals from Oculus, Founders Fund, and Palantir, are building an electronic surveillance based border wall company named Anduril. Once again, technologists choosing a more harmful side to put their money on. Sure, some will say it's in the name of protection. But that's what they said about tracking drones as well. Point is, we are going to need some kind of professional standardization or license for software engineering soon at this rate. I don't want it, but as long as tech behaves in this rather thoughtless way where ethical ramifications are rarely considered, we are going to be asking for it.

Posted on June 13 2018 by Adnan Issadeen