I love how Dave Winer blogs

I've been a long time reader of Dave Winer's blog. Dave Winer for those of you who don't know was the original blogger of the world. A lot of the open internet and the spreading of information through independent media, owes nearly everything to him. But as Eminem says,

I’ll probably never get the props I feel I ever deserve (Eminem, Till I collapse)

But this isn't a post on what recognition is owed to Dave. That's part of a much larger thought piece. This is about a lesson learned from following his blogs over the years. A lesson that hit me only a few minutes ago.

I don't need a 1000 word blog post to hit publish.

For some reason I've been artificially constraining myself to write as many longer pieces as possible. If it's a quick 10 line thought, then I don't post it here.

Now that I think about that, that's ridiculous. The whole idea behind building my own blogging system, and hosting it on my own, was control. I control all aspects of the system in exchange for some harder work of maintaining it. And that control extends to the content I choose to publish.

Putting that together, I built and maintain a platform that gives me freedom of choice over content and presentation, and then choose to artificially constrain myself by choosing not to publish content that doesn't meet a criteria of length.

Ridiculous. Dave doesn't do that. Read his blog. Read this post on Donald Trump.
Or this one on stub hub. That one in particular is a brilliant example because I learned so much from it. What a crazy story. (Seriously. Check that one out).

Heck, some of his posts have no title, and might be one liners.

I love that. What a lesson there is to be learned from this.

Going forward, if I have thoughts to put down in my blog, they go in. No matter how rough or short it is. I write for myself first.

Posted on January 10 2016 by Adnan Issadeen