Rubenerd is an inspiration

I was browsing rubenerd after I saw a great article[1] which showed up on HackerNews. It's a post about how people keep asking the author to be more serious in their blog posts. The author posts well thought out articles on politics and software and in between there are lots of tiny posts which range from reading manga[2] to what photo the author wants to use as their desktop background[3]

To quote the author:

There may not be many of us doing this anymore, but this is specifically a personal blog. This site has always been a labour of love for me since I started it in high school in 2004, and will necessarily be about stuff that’s on my mind and that I’m interested in. There are drier technical blogs by people I respect out there, but that’s not my style.

In the age of personal branding and curated newsletters, it's so refreshing to come across someone who celebrates the joy in creating content for their own sake instead of for the sake of some marketing metric.

What I'd like to take away from Ruben though is that his posts range from long to ultra short. I've been artificially limiting myself ever since I tried out the links and notes blog style. If I don't have enough to post, I'm not posting.

And I've realized I'm not posting anything anymore. I think I'll take a page out of Ruben's book to start and just leave a quick thought over here :)

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Posted on September 22 2020 by Adnan Issadeen