Album of the day: Recovery by Eminem

There's something about the aggressive flow of this album and the throwback to Eminem talking smack about his insane way with words and rhythm. Gets me pumped up so hard. Favourite song of the album has to be Cinderella man. Just the way it connects with the first song "Cold wind blows". There's a piece in cold wind blows where he talks about setting the world on fire and pissing on it to put it out. and then has a second voice a little later telling him to chill. A little after that he gets struck by lightning twice in a tiny skit.

In Cinderella man, he opens up with "Who could have caught lightning in a bottle/set fire to water"

Later in the same song he says "**** catching lightning he struck it/screamed shut up at thunder/and flipped the world upside down and made it rain upward"

Man is so confident of himself but it's well deserved. He has such a way with stringing words to tell stories with rhythm, metaphors, motifs, the works.

If you want to see him killing it in a free style, here you go:

And if you want to learn a bit about rap analysis, this video by Vox is nuts

Posted on February 20 2017 by Adnan Issadeen