Links and Notes - October 17th 2023

A long note about my current progress in rowing (on the machine), a mention of a purchase, and small somber note on the current conflict in Gaza and Israel

Posted on October 17 2023

My ghost is updated

Just a quick post noting that my ghost is updated and so is my intention to keep blogging here.

Posted on October 16 2023

AI and LLM's as my search engine

After watching the AI hype unfold from the sidelines, I want to see how AI performs for me. Not in the extremes, but in the banal middle lane of simple questions and deceptively complex ones. Can AI really improve my productivity when it comes to sating my curiosities and answering my questions?

Posted on March 24 2023

On modern laptops and being upgrade unfriendly

My wife needs a laptop upgrade. Having to look at a completely new laptop instead of thinking about replacing components while everything but the memory works fine made me sad. So I wrote about it.

Posted on November 10 2022

I give myself permission to...

A note to myself about unburdening my mind of the guilt I felt in not looking into priorities in life. Now that I've moved past a big priority that I had as my personal milestone, I draw a line to give myself permission to return to the things I love, free of guilt.

Posted on October 19 2022

Coming out of a hole

It's been... A difficult year. I wrote down a meandering set of thoughts on the dark place I fell into mentally and how I'm finally ready to start moving through it.

Posted on June 07 2022

Links and Notes - May 20th 2021

Today was just not a good day. It was decidedly terrible. But I still motivated myself enough to get this post out. Covering how an eczema is making drawing regularly hard for me, a shout out to Louie Zong's amazing music, and some comments on DHH's latest blog post.

Posted on May 20 2021

Proko 2.0 launches

This is something I've been pretty excited about. I know it's been coming even though I wasn't part of the community that was beta testing it.

Posted on May 19 2021

Pushing further in Art

I'm trying to restart my journey to learn art. The goal here for me is to create a learning experience where I am consistently making meaningful projects. The answer? Working towards completing projects for which there are specific things I need to learn about.

Posted on May 17 2021

Links and Notes - May 16th

A story about testing reusable rocket booster makes me realise how little I know about rocket boosters at all! Reflections on different types of interactions online. Like vs comments for example. And thinking through an idea of how recipes as prose can create a more meaningful connection to recipes

Posted on May 16 2021

The animations of the Transformers movies

After sitting down with my son to watch the children's spin off of Transformers I found myself wanting to go back and check out the movies just to observe the animations. There's so much that what was supposed to be a small note ended up expanding to be its own blog post.

Posted on May 15 2021

Links and Notes - May 14th 2021

Grab bag kind of day! Notion's API is finally in public beta and I'm excited despite it feeling very limited. Discovered an open source alternative to Algolia. An article from Chris Lema on cultivating curiosity and writing daily. And quick thoughts on 43% of employees having left Basecamp.

Posted on May 14 2021

Links and Notes - May 13th 2021

Eid Mubarak! Our festival is tomorrow and we are doing our best to celebrate it well despite the current curfews/lockdowns. Today also features some thoughts on Clubhouse's flubbed Android launch and overall decline. And then two quick updates. One on my project. And one on Palestine.

Posted on May 13 2021

Links and Notes - May 12th 2021

With fasting coming to an end, I decided to take it a little slow. Also, I've been working on my mail organizer, so we have a slightly shorter update about fasting, system of a down, and the game review site AlphaBetaGamer.

Posted on May 12 2021

Links and Notes - May 11th 2021

Sharing an exchange between a business owner and myself where the business owner has decided to do employee surveillance as part of their remote work setup. A look at Masterchef Australia's incredible telepresence tech. And a video of the Xtron Pro in action!

Posted on May 11 2021

Links and Notes - May 10th 2021

Thoughts on the best episode so far of Corridor Crew's animators reacting series. There are amazing insights to be had as Alex, Niko, and Wren break down some sweet shots especially those from Attack on Titan. And, my day ends well with the long awaited arrival of my Xtron Pro. Photos included!

Posted on May 10 2021

Links and Notes - May 9th 2021

Some curiosity about Apple and Epic's legal battle. Spoiler: I have no idea what's going on and I can't seem to figure it out either. But that's ok because I've discovered a stylophone player on YouTube and it's the greatest thing EVER!

Posted on May 09 2021

Links and Notes - May 8th 2021

Shout out to Matt Gemmel for his short stories and some appreciation for how consistently he can produce them. Meta thoughts on limiting how much time I spend on my daily blog posts. Celebrating the potential in the ideas from the My First Million podcast. And the demo of Unbeatable is out!

Posted on May 08 2021

Links and Notes - May 7th 2021

A small first impressions of the game "A short hike", which I absolutely love! Some possibly wildly inaccurate notes on more cross platform technology that I discovered. And words of admiration for the judge Melissa Leong from Masterchef Australia.

Posted on May 07 2021

Links and Notes - May 6th 2021

A meta section on some tweaks I'm making to my blogging process to keep the cognitive load to a minimum. A note on a project that I'm starting after a very very long time. And finally, some words of love to the Obisdian team and their productive tech stack

Posted on May 06 2021