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Hey Mail style Mail organizer

Building an IMAP compatible mail organizer that follows the workflow ideas that Hey Mail introduced

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[Devlog] - Mail Organizer update: Week 1

First of the developer logs for the mail organizer tool. I've gotten the mail organizer working as a CLI and I'm actively organizing my mail through the terminal. It works well and I'm ready to push on into real world application building

Creating a hey mail style mail organizer - Intro and Project Definition

Now that I'm unsubscribed from Hey, I find myself with the motivation to build something I've wanted to do from last year: A mail organizer with the same workflow as Hey that works with any IMAP based email service.

Slack Status Updater (CLI) - Defaults, and adding CRUD

March 28th 2018 13:30 After using the CLI for a while I think what I'd really like to do now is to be able to unset the status entirely and set the my availability to online and away. But before I do that, I'm going to get this CLI

Slack Status Updater (CLI) - Alpha polish

Polishing the alpha on the road to a stable v1.0 release. Lots of little acts of polish :)

Slack Status Updater (CLI) - Connecting Cores

With some "core" features done, I jump into connecting it to the CLI repo. In this one, I'll learn how to import a package that I've written and use it. I'll also learn how to work with a CLI package, and the file system.

Archived/Inactive Projects

Slack Status Updater CLI

A CLI to update my Slack Status message using saved status presets

Advent of Code 2017

Attempting to work through Advent of Code 2017 in Python and TDD

Lock file and package management investigation

An investigative deep dive into the world of Node package management to build a set of best practices for package management on Buffer's Node JS based repos

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