Links and Notes - 24th September 2020

On treatment of open source developers


The attitude around the value of open source developers' time is really really toxic. I'm glad that this got called out and I do hope the developer in question changes their mind about how they feel about this kind of thing.

Consultation fees are pretty wild usually. Saying that an open source developer shouldn't have access to that kind of money especially when they are "THE" expert in the tool they've built is upsetting.

I for one applaud the idea of open source developers finding healthy sources of revenue like this.

What if trump refuses to concede?

This article on the Atlantic discusses the possibility of Trump not accepting the result of the election. While liberal leaning media has a bad tendency to blow things out of proportion[1], based on everything Trump has said in public, the coming times are starting to look scary for America. Other countries have fallen into dictatorships before and no one should pretend theirs won't at any time either.

Skate training update

I'm currently in training for my first ever 10km inline skating race next month. My timing is pretty terrible at 32 minutes. The expected time should be around 20 or less. I'm hoping to improve this. On the plus side, my racing skates should come to Sri Lanka soon. But I don't know what clearing it through customs is going to look like 😟. Either way, I'm hoping to improve my time to 25 minutes on my current skates. Doing a lot of training indoors to strengthen my legs, my balance and even my technique.

I watched a video yesterday by Joey Mantia. These are just 5 tips but they are really clear and they provide immediate change when you try them out

In particular, the bit about how to balance using the glutes instead of just the quads was a light bulb moment for me. Whenever I settle down into a longer skate I can feel the burn on my quads the moment I try to start pushing in a low speed skating style. It turns out that I may need to be more conscious in how and where I balance over my ankles. Having the ankles sit right under the knee combined with the hip not being pushed out puts all the weight into the quads. This explains the burn I keep feeling.

Also, it's nice to see clearly how Joey pushes his foot straight out. I can definitely work on improving my stride too.

Also also, lawds above. Joey's legs are built like tanks! đŸ¤¯

  1. This is something that the liberals have still not come to terms with. And it continues to hurt them. At the end of the day, part of this is a game of strategy and we cannot afford to play it using hubris as our skill. ↩ī¸Ž

Posted on September 24 2020 by Adnan Issadeen