Links and notes - May 11th 2020

MS build is happening from May 19th to 20th. Not sure if it's because of the choice I made in what my primary work is but I'm a little sad to see that consumer desktop/UWP applications doesn't seem to be covered in this list of things I'd be interested in. Microsoft continues to make me nervous about the future of their desktop applications. The messaging more often than not seems like a here "here's another haphazard attempt at getting people to adopt our new APIs en masse". And you see it in things like this where their developer conference is happening and there's way more mention of their Azure tools than Windows stuff.

where's windows?

Setup my son's website today. Going to be using that as a private scrapbook where I store images of the things he's made and writings of the stuff he's done. When he's old enough, he can have it for himself. Coupled that with an email address for him. Bit late given his age but hey, better late than never

Published a blog post on Trilium notes and other note taking apps

If there's one thing you do today, do give this amazing animatic by Toniko Pantoja a watch please. It is heartwarming and an amazing display of what can be done with simple lines and shapes and rough drawings if you know the fundamentals of telling a good story.

Posted on May 12 2020 by Adnan Issadeen