Links and Notes of the day - 16th June 2018

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

It's Eid in Sri Lanka. Thank goodness for that. This year we've had so much confusion around the moon sighting and when Eid would end up being.

The whole concept of moon sighting has become a political dance in Sri Lanka with the ACJU and Grand Mosque demanding respect towards their self appointed authority. The whole topic of moon sighting deserves its own more abstract post but suffice to say that things are reaching a tipping point in SL. More and more people are declaring their intention to follow the international (aka Saudi) calendar next year. With a bit of helpful pushing maybe that contingency can become a meaningful size. Where that push will come from? Anyone's guess.

Gitlab launches integrated web IDE

Not surprised, but still impressed by this move. I think we might continue to see more of these little integrations here and there thanks to the development of VSCode's Monaco editor

Personally I think the Monaco editor has been the most impactful piece of tech to have come out from VSCode and might be the best example for potential benefits of electron based applications. I feel like the editor has possibly quietly disrupted the market for cloud IDEs or at least levelled the playing field a lot since the biggest gripe can be about the editor experience. It's not just hard to create an editor that feels right, it's insanely difficult to make it peformant and keep it updating smoothly. With Monaco, anyone can do a web based editor and do it well.

All this triggers some thoughts on electron based applications that I've started writing about. May it make its way out of my drafts :D.

Posted on June 17 2018 by Adnan Issadeen