My ghost is updated

This title makes it sound like I've fallen behind way more than I actually have. Reality is that I had fallen back by about 15 minor versions in the 5.x branch. I'm still fixated on the idea of publishing content to ghost using Obsidian and as always that has prevented me from actually writing.

To be fair, it isn't just the idea of publishing from Obsidian. I've just been really busy and have been prioritizing my health and in that I think I've done well. So much has happened since I last published anything to the blog. Most notable was that I took a break from getting back into rowing and allowed the cycling bug to catch me. Over the course of 2023 I participated in 3 century events where I cycled 100km, 200km, and finally 300km across 3 different events. Each event lasted a day and riders were given a fairly generous amount of time to complete the event within. Training for and actually completing all 3 events within the stipulated timelines was a heck of a trip and some day I have to write about it all. For now, I'm going back to rowing with the hope of rowing competitively in the single scull next year.

Now with things settling in a bit more, I also wanted to take some time to start writing again. I miss it a lot and I'm kind of sick of publishing stuff onto networks like Threads (oooo, that's another new thing that didn't exist when I published my last blog post here) or even Mastodon. They are all built with this idea of being published socially while my blog feels built more around the idea of a garden which resonates with me more. The garden is firstly for my pleasure. Others may come see it. Others may comment on it to me in private. But it is made for me first of all.

I hate writing "return to blogging" posts. But I do have to say that I look forward to returning all the same :).

This blog doesn't have a comment box. But I'd love to hear any thoughts y'all might have. Send them to [email protected]

Posted on October 16 2023 by Adnan Issadeen