Year of drawings - 15th December 2018

I did something different. I sketched over a photo instead of drawing it. The reason for that was to see if the drawing could teach me anything about the way I lay down my construction lines. Turned out that I had a lot of mistakes I was making. For one, I was putting eyes too low on the face. In fact my whole measurement of thirds (hait to brow, eyebrow to nose, nose to jaw) seemed to be incorrect. Here's the end result:

If this looks like a step up, that's because it is. It's traced over a photo. Here's what the proportions looked like in the construction phase.

In this case, the measurements are way off from what I've practiced in theory. The eyes sit in the middle of the face as opposed to under it. The hair line ends up much higher which can be seen in the inking phase.

You can really see how the measurements don't match the traditional Loomis specification. The brows should be sitting in the middle. I'm very confused at this point wondering what I'm doing wrong or whether this is just a single face breaking some proportions.

Ink on its own. I'm really settling into a stylized version that I enjoy at this point.

Followed by the values. And you've already seen the colourized version.

Posted on December 15 2018 by Adnan Issadeen