Year of Drawings - 28th November 2018

Inspired by a friend and coworker who goes by the name Colin, I utilised some of the basics I've learnt so far to come up with my take on Incy Wincy Spider:

You. Shall not. Pass!

For those unfamiliar with the children's rhyme incy wincy spider, it goes like this:

An incy wincy spider,
Climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain,
and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain.
And the incy wincy spider,
Climbed up the spout again.

My son was recently participating in his play group's concert. He's 3 years old and was playing the part of the cloud. He'd been recently talking of smashing the spider and Colin upon hearing this started imagining scenarios where my son was running behind a spider holding a rusty gutter pipe. Something like that anways. Either way, it served as an inspiration to try a more extreme image where I really had to think through how the perspective and 3d-ness of the picture would work. My first attempts all looked flat:

And then there was:

I felt this was a little better but looked more like a meditating peacemaker seated on a cloud. I needed to go more extreme. So I stepped back to basics:

Now this was more like it. Eventually when I filled up the cloud I made it much larger. But you can still see the influence when overlaying it

I'm not too happy with how far the angle has deviated. I may go back and correct it.

And that's it. I need to learn a lot more to complete it but it feels good to be practicing concepts and applying it at the same time.

Posted on November 28 2018 by Adnan Issadeen