Year of drawings

I'm attempting to do a drawing a day for as long as possible. I don't expect to hold on to this streak and I'm definitely not sure I can do it during weekends, but I want to try. I feel like I've come to the point that I'm confident that I can improve my drawing if I focus on the basics like perspective and color. So for 1 year, barring weekends I'm going to attempt to draw a picture a day.

I initally thought that since I'm making videos for education that involve animation, I might not be able to keep up to that schedule but I also thought that I'd do simple exercises on those days.

I'll be limiting the time that I use for this to 2 hours maximum. Most days will be 1 hour or less. I'll be breaking that time down into studying an area and then doing exercises. If all goes well then by this time next year I'll have accumulated almost 300 hours of training. I'll be starting tomorrow.

As for what I have so far,

I'm here

This picture depicts the moment where parents neglect their children in favour of their social media addiction. This was an image where I attempted to consciously capture a real life moment in my head. I was training myself to see the gesture of the people especially the man standing with the phone. I tried to see the way his shoulders almost collapsed into a slack position while his back angled forward and his legs balanced him out by stretching behind him. It was almost like looking at an elongated ">" shape. I think the most glaring error in this given my level of knowledge is the size of the head. It's completely off and it'll stay that way while I learn how to manage sizes and structure of the human head.

I feel like it'll be useful to trace real life photos of humans as well.

13th November 2018

This was a study in perspective and trying to figure out how I can use boxes to draw something like a car. Or rather how to convert something like a car into its most basic shapes.

22nd November 2018

I screwed this one up pretty bad. I was trying to learn several things here. Blocking in basic shapes, perspective and coloring. It's more clear from the gallery below what I was aiming for. I learnt proper layer blending only after I finished this.

The next one actually worked out much better for coloring:

I was aiming to draw headphones but I couldn't finish beyond 1 ear cup because I ran out of time.

Posted on November 22 2018 by Adnan Issadeen