Running the Advent of Code 2017 code

While doing the logs for Advent of Code 2017, I realised that in order to follow along to the second part of each challenge, one would need to solve their own first part first. If you do want to but don't know how to run Python code, this is a super quick primer to help. I'm assuming you have git installed. If not, that's ok too.

Install Python
I won't be going into crazy details about how to install. Just going to point you to the right place. You can download and install v3.5.2 here. That's the version I'm running the code against. If you want another version, head here

Clone or download the code:

Go to advent of code and get your puzzle input and replace my puzzle input with yours
So for example, if you were doing day 1 part 1, then go ahead and replace the text inside of python/day1part1input.txt

Run the code from the root of the source code
i.e. Don't run the code from inside the python folder. It won't pick up the input files. If you want the solution for day 1 for example, then from, /path/to/advent/of/code/solution:
Run python3 -m python.day1solution and pick up the input that shows up under part 1.

Posted on December 15 2017 by Adnan Issadeen