Links and Notes - April 15th 2021

Thoughts about how Sri Lanka heavily protects workers in a single aspect which leaves us blind to different types of worker abuse. I also made my first "complete" game with MakeCode Arcade. And finally a shout out to Jake Archibald's work on analyzing the performance of each F1 team's website

Posted on April 15 2021

Links and Notes - April 14th 2021

Twitter's insistence on recommending "Topics" is infuriating and a waste of time. I have a vague idea for a VS Code plugin to make reading literate programming based source code a fun experience. And a few thoughts on why Apple should "embrace the grind"

Posted on April 14 2021

Links and Notes - April 13th 2021

Pain points in using Obsidian for my blogging flow delivers a plugin idea. A beautifully documented bit of Javascript delivers inspiration. And a watch of Moana delivers a desire to catch up on all animated films since 2015

Posted on April 13 2021

Links and Notes - April 12th 2021

A week's holiday begins and so do other things. I'm starting out on making "pitches" for myself for my work outside of Buffer. And all of this amidst the backdrop of a Ramadan which, for the first time in a long time, I wish I could skip right past.

Posted on April 13 2021

Links and Notes - April 11th 2021

A new app idea! An app that helps share delivery statuses with customers. Targeting restaurants that have their own delivery team. And a few thoughts on how it would be nice if more bloggers shared their email address + more thoughts on the release of Inkle and how to do software showcases right

Posted on April 11 2021

Links and Notes - April 10th 2021

A tiny ode to Microsoft MakeCode. An ultra quick update on the changes to the projects section of the site. And some (sleepy) thoughts on speeches and story telling (in the context of Toastmasters)

Posted on April 10 2021

Links and Notes - April 9th 2021

Celebrating the purchase of my Xtron Pro device with some possible game ideas while I wait for the delivery to happen. Notes on Epic vs Apple's ongoing legal battle. And a hat tip towards an amazing article by Sean Blanda on the creative world's bullshit industrial complex

Posted on April 10 2021

Links and Notes - April 8th 2021

Today was a busy day to say the least. The post's length definitely reflects that. But I had time to write about NextCloud being my next choice for self hosted software and I even had an app idea for creating narrated childrens books with auto flipping pages/images.

Posted on April 08 2021

Links and Notes - April 7th 2021

Explorations into simple programmable gaming devices. An overview of my dev environment. And an excursion into my feelings of guilt around choosing breadth of interests vs depth of interests

Posted on April 07 2021

Links and Notes - April 6th 2021

Some thoughts extending from yesterday's ideas on managing content consumption with GTD. Lessons on chess from watching how chess masters handle decisions across the board. And economics (MATHS!) of coding via a cloud based server instead of an expensive laptop

Posted on April 06 2021

Links and Notes - April 5th 2021

An out of left field thought on a potential business in Sri Lanka related to ant baits. Some ideas around how I hope to revamp the projects section of the blog. And finally, a reflection on how I could be using GTD to control my content consumption plus some ideas generated from said reflections.

Posted on April 05 2021

Links and Notes - April 4th 2021

Not much to type today. No inspiration. But I created a post to keep the momentum going. Minor thoughts on how living here keeps finding ways to disappoint many people, and on the lack of skate parks here.

Posted on April 04 2021

Links and Notes - April 3rd 2021

A fun story on how usability in designing alarms can be challenging. Celebrations of APIIT Toastmasters' win at the area level contest, and some thoughts on the pitfalls of carelessly throwing thoughts around on social media.

Posted on April 03 2021

Links and Notes - April 2nd 2021

A tweet gone semi popular gives me a dopamine desire I thought I had stopped caring about. Thoughts on the Obsidian mobile app. A random dive into rovio games' continued success. And finally a look forward for my writings on this blog.

Posted on April 02 2021

Links and Notes - April 1st 2021

A truly random set of thoughts today: Dota's seemingly failed bid on an anime for advertising. American headlines. How to manage writing this many headings, and a special! My application letter to Buffer!

Posted on April 01 2021

Links and Notes - March 31st 2021

Another day of thinking on words heard from the My First Million podcast. This time on browser extensions and alternative platforms. A few words on emberconf 2021 and a quick list of bloggers who write just for the fun of having their own free space on the internet.

Posted on March 31 2021

Links and Notes - March 30th 2021

A wild open source self hosted Heroku/Netlify appears and it looks good. I also discover an open source notepad that's a calculator that I want to contribute to now. And I think I have a few browser extensions I want to build to protect against social media addiction.

Posted on March 30 2021

Links and Notes - March 29th 2021

School begins, I get to listen to podcasts and I have some thoughts on how I personally feel about designing content to be viral after I listened to some podcasters discuss their strategies. Also, I'm trying to apply some of the "Shape Up" principles at work.

Posted on March 29 2021

Links and Notes - March 28th 2021

We got some holiday time away from home this weekend! Which means I didn't have much time to think about anything else. But apart from a quick note on that, there's still a throwaway thought about age ratings for TV for children which is possibly worth a deeper dive.

Posted on March 28 2021

Links and Notes - March 27th 2021

Thoughts on David's (DHH) short but thought provoking post on social networks and a no platform future. Also, schools are reopening

Posted on March 27 2021