Links and Notes - May 3rd 2021

A follow up to yesterday's Super Meat Boy blog post including thoughts on how to write. Comments and summary of a video from Proko, 6 steps to draw anything. And some commentary on a wild research paper published by the GoogleAI team.

Posted on May 03 2021

Lessons from playing Super Meat Boy with my son

What happens when I let my son play Super Meat Boy and experience the joys and frustrations of arguably one of the most difficult games I've ever played? Turns out we both learn plenty while having fun. And in this post, I explore those lessons.

Posted on May 02 2021

Links and Notes - May 1st 2021

A two topic day. One where I discuss the recent exodus of employees from Basecamp. 36% at this time. Wild. Also, Microsoft Game Jam theme has been revealed which means it's time to think hard and find a decent idea for the competition

Posted on May 01 2021

Links and Notes - April 30th 2021

Expanding on the process of creating the links and notes. When balancing time with writing, it's a little more involved than just dumping words. A song of praise to Tom and Jerry and how it still holds up today. And some thoughts on Brian Lovin's idea of a personal changelog.

Posted on April 30 2021

Links and Notes - April 29th 2021

My first day of skipping links and notes happened. But it was for the good cause of anlaysing my internal feeling towards Basecamp + its leaders. This followed by a reflection of the recent shenanigans. Finally, a quick mention of having joined the Platformer Discord.

Posted on April 29 2021

The Basecamp Saga: An end of an era

Basecamp's or rather Jason and David's announcements on changes to being able to have political and societal debates at Basecamp really shook me. So I took some time to examine the timeline, my thoughts on why I'm so bothered, and why there's plenty of reason to be hopeful.

Posted on April 28 2021

Links and Notes - April 27th 2021

Minecraft manhunt gets a bump. We are at 5 hunters vs 1 hunted. Some comments on an article about Sex in an MRI machine (for Science), more comments on the streaming platform war that's brewing, and finally, a quick look about DHH and Jason from Basecamp's incredibly shortsighted move today

Posted on April 27 2021

Links and Notes - April 26th 2021

A bonkers story about the business of online slander. Sharing of how shameful Sri Lanka's official sex education material is (and how horrible our education system is in general). An ode to plugin systems that allow communities to build up and truly own products. And more!

Posted on April 26 2021

Links and Notes - April 25th 2021

A look into the story of how corrective ink was first made. Sharing of ideas I've learned about making communication collaborative vs competitive. And a must watch share of one of the greatest live music performances out there.

Posted on April 25 2021

Links and Notes - April 24th 2021

The windows 10 app store gets a fascinating revamp. Some sharing of chromosome pairs presenting a link to shorter lifespans. A reflection on how mangas manage to blend comedy and crisis so effortlessly. And finally, a new section for "micro thoughts".

Posted on April 24 2021

Links and Notes - April 23rd 2021

A reflective day. Did a dig into the idea of "first principles" and questioned if it's possible to apply to debugging. An idea for an Android widget to add items to my GTD inbox quickly. And a look at how zettelkasten note taking acts as a rate limiter for information consumption

Posted on April 23 2021

Links and Notes - April 22nd 2021

Scientists are apparently curious about what's causing India's massive Covid spike. I feel the reason is somewhat obvious and I worry a similar fate awaits Sri Lanka. Also, double thoughts on Apple today. One of criticism. And one of praise.

Posted on April 22 2021

Links and Notes - April 21st 2021

I take a possibly inaccurate peek into the bottomless pit that is multi target app development frameworks. Also, a fresh read of Naruto gets me reflecting on the evolution of power ups in Shonen. And finally, a mini hobby of mine: Re-recording music with my own guitar/drumming performances added in.

Posted on April 21 2021

Links and Notes - April 20th 2021

I dive into a visual studio 2022 announcement and my past in .NET development. Let's just say I'd like to try C# again. A quick tribute to Bill Stoppard's latest video, followed by a look at how Julia Evans built an interactive game to help people learn about debugging DNS issues

Posted on April 20 2021

Links and Notes - April 19th 2021

Back to work. Back to school. Lots happening as we begin the week with interviews and thoughts on how exactly debugging should be done to be efficient. Add in thoughts on career opportunities with MakeCode followed by a Gilmore girls shoutout. We have a good mix today for sure!

Posted on April 19 2021

Links and Notes - April 18th 2021

Musing on the philosophical questions of "When does tech become old tech?" I feel like I want to think on this more. Also, angry about local butter having seemingly gone missing. And finally. The Toastmasters speech contest at division levels is over and the results are out!

Posted on April 18 2021

Links and Notes - April 17th 2021

Rambling thoughts on how consuming from Twitter, HN, and other firehoses isn't in fact always a bad thing. It can lead to decent ideas. That, followed by musing on my dreams of livestreaming and what next steps I need to take to make it work

Posted on April 17 2021

Links and Notes - April 16th 2021

Thinking through my current experience with fatigue thanks to fasting and wondering how people do this regularly. Also, a ramble on PHP in 2021 and finally, a shout out to a pixel art Twitter account

Posted on April 16 2021

Links and Notes - April 15th 2021

Thoughts about how Sri Lanka heavily protects workers in a single aspect which leaves us blind to different types of worker abuse. I also made my first "complete" game with MakeCode Arcade. And finally a shout out to Jake Archibald's work on analyzing the performance of each F1 team's website

Posted on April 15 2021

Links and Notes - April 14th 2021

Twitter's insistence on recommending "Topics" is infuriating and a waste of time. I have a vague idea for a VS Code plugin to make reading literate programming based source code a fun experience. And a few thoughts on why Apple should "embrace the grind"

Posted on April 14 2021